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Because we are new, it doesn’t mean we are green!

kjrivcr.org hit the ground running when we launched in 2016 and we are working hard on our expansion plans.

Currently, we are recreating more staff to increase our capacity for delivering new stories and innovations in the world of tech and business.

We are looking for web designers and bloggers to join us and if you are interested, please see our job description page!

Even though we have not been going for too long, we have still managed to attract the attention of some national and international publications and websites.

At least two of our bloggers and journalists have gone on to win prestigious awards, for their writing about technical innovations.

We are passionate about technology and new developments in the world of science and business. Our writers love to bring you the latest news and updates and all this can be delivered straight to your phone!

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At the moment, we are busy expanding our video section and you can look forward to far more videos and clips explaining and reporting on the latest innovations.

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