Bedroom Lighting Re-invented

For too long your bedroom has played second fiddle to the rest of the house, in terms of stylish and atmospheric lighting – but that is changing now. With LED fittings soaring in popularity and inbouw led spotjes becoming cheaper all the time, there is no reason why you can’t treat your slumber room to some five star TLC.


More and more homes have an en suite fitted to the master bedroom.

And as a private bathing room, this can be customized for maximum romance, with the aid of atmospheric inbouw led spots badkamer and dimbare led spots inbouw badkamer which are a type of dimmable LED spots and are built-in.

Don’t forget around the bath either – LEDs can work a wonder around the tub, to build up the atmosphere.

And because this is a private bathroom, not open to the rest of the house, you can be as romantic as you like!


Before installing or changing the lighting in your bedroom – and its’ en suite if you have one – spare a thought to the type of bulbs you are using.

If you have been using old style incandescent or even CFLs, bear in mind that an LED will replace these bulbs for months, or even years, in terms of use. You will also save significantly more on your energy bills.

And inbouwspots LED and their bathroom twins inbouwspots badkamer now lead the way in energy efficiency, as well as creating atmospheric and gently layered lighting effects.


Naturally, in a bedroom you will still be looking to have a “main” light, which will be on your ceiling.

This does not have to be the only one, by any means. A chandelier can tick the boxes of both practical and attractive, by providing ample and even lighting for the whole room, as well as being nice to look at.

Once again, don’t make the mistake of thinking that no one looks in the bedroom so it doesn’t matter. You spend at least one third of your life asleep!


Bedrooms are no longer just a place to lay your head. Now you may well be doing work in them – or at least spending more time than sleeping.

Perhaps you enjoy crafting or perform everyday household tasks in there. Maybe you simply get dressed.

Either way, you need enough lighting to see by and the main overhead lighting might not be enough.

Focused task lighting could take the form of built-in spots LED or other forms of spotlighting, especially placed around the mirror area.

A light up wardrobe is another suggestion – especially for walk in closets that are quite large.


A reading light will be essential and probably placed by the side of the bed.

A good reading light needs to provide enough focused light to see by, on one side of the bed, without impacting on the other side. It also needs to be easy to turn on and off.

Once again, this is a job made for LED inbouw spots and other types of spotlighting.


It is the bedroom, so you also want to foster a sense of harmony and romance.

For this reason, you may want some more ambient lamps in the room, when you have switched off the ‘main’ light.

These could be pretty bedside lamps, or wall mounted units controllable with a dimmer switch.


On the subject of light switches – it is important to place them where you can find them. Or, to be more precise, where your fingers can find them in the dark!

Wouldn’t it be good if you could turn the main lights on from your bed?

It is thinking about the little things like this, which can make all the difference between a functional bedroom and a great bedroom.


Not all the lighting needs to be there solely to see by. Some of it can be fun.

For this reason, you might think about LED strips underneath the bed or along the mirrors, just to jazz things up a bit.


We shouldn’t forget the most important source of lighting of all – the natural light from the sun.

Whatever you do, you do not want to stifle the sun’s rays into your boudoir, or make it dark and gloomy.

Think about the window dressings – do they let the light through the windows, or are they stifling it?

Thick drapes and dirty net curtains just eat up the natural lighting, in a room. Think about installing blinds or lighter drapes, for your bedroom window.


Finally, once you have all that sunshine pouring into your bedroom, you might want to block it all out.

Daytime naps and summer mornings all require the dampening down of the sun’s rays – but only on a temporary basis of course.

A blackout blind or panel fitted to your curtains, should ensure this simply and easily.