Valentine’s Day in Thailand? Say It With Flower

So you want to pop the question to your intended whilst on your stay in Thailand?

All things considered, this is probably one of your better ideas. But there are still right ways and wrong ways to go about spitting out those four little words!

Here’s how to get it right and get the answer you want to the all important question!

Consider the venue

You have chosen Thailand for a reason – the stunning. So make sure you use it! Don’t be tempted to blurt the question out in the hotel, or at the airport.

Wait until you are at one of Bangkok’s ideal locations (Bangkok Flowers Thailand Park), or the beach, with a romantic sunset in the background.

Getting the atmosphere right is nine tenths of the battle. Once you have put her at her ease, you are halfway there to acceptance!

Get the little things right

So you have moonlight and love and romance. That’s great. But what about the rest?

Anything you can do to make the moment more special helps. This could mean hiring a ten piece orchestra to accompany you on the mountain top.

Or it could be a bit more straightforward– and you could say it with flowers.

The hotel venue will know which are the best and most trustworthy Bangkok flower delivery services. They will most likely use them themselves.

Check in advance for reliability, you don’t want to be let down when on bended knee in a public location!

Fortunately, Thailand is renowned for its beautiful flowers and delivery to the place of your choice should be a cinch.

Additionally, don’t forget to have an ice cold bottle of champagne on standby, for her acceptance!

Don’t pile on the pressure

Proposing to your beau on holiday is a good idea, because it is relaxed and she should be at her ease.

However, things can still go wrong, especially if you apply pressure.

Although most likely you will be on your own together, if you have gone on holiday, or out, in a group, then this is not the best scenario for a proposal.

It’s really best not to add the pressure of other people into your proposal.

You don’t want it to feel as if you have backed your fiancé into a corner, where they can’t say no. It only makes it more hard on both of you if, you have to tell everyone that there’s been a mistake later down the line.

The best case scenario is not to go public with your proposal – unless you are absolutely sure that this is the sort of thing that she wants. Really wants.

Do talk to her family

It is always a good idea to gage the reaction of your potential in laws before steaming ahead with a proposal.

Depending on your circumstances and culture, it might be considered polite to formally ask for permission to marry. Even if this seems old fashioned, a general chat with her parents or family might be in order.

It is probably best to get your in laws on side from day one, however, don’t be tempted to propose to her in front of her family. This will be incredibly stressful for all concerned!

Do buy a ring

…If she wants one. We know there are some brides to be who would not necessarily appreciate a ring, but in those cases, try and find out what would be acceptable instead and then procure that.

In terms of a ring, a lot is down to the style of the woman involved. If you are stuck for ideas, think about her influences.

Is she a traditional sort? Or would something more contemporary in order? If she is old fashioned, a vintage engagement ring might be fitting.

If possible, borrow any rings she may have lying around, to gage the size correctly. If necessary, draw around them and take this to the jeweler.

Don’t worry too much if you don’t get her ring size, it should be able to be altered later.