Get Ob Board With Us

Do you want to write for one of the newest and most exciting news and tech sites to launch in recent years?

Because we are looking for new contributors to our site for 2017 and going forward into 2018.

We are looking for writers, bloggers, web designers, as well as video producers and makers, to help us turn 2018 into the year that our site breaks through from newcomer, to established techno news site.


Have you got an opinion that you just can’t keep to yourself? Are you burning to review or comment on the latest iPhone or other device?

If so, we would like to hear from you.

We are opening up to new bloggers, to write for us. This may be on an occasional basis, as a guest post or it may become a longer-term position.

In the first instance, we would like you to send your CV and a covering letter to our editor, Charles Barlow. In this, you should outline your experience and include some of your previous work. Anything that has been published, either online or in print, will stand you in good stead.

Let us know which areas you would like to blog about. You can send in completed blogs for consideration, but we cannot guarantee that we will use these in our website.

All our bloggers are paid for their work, although we can only offer a nominal fee.


We also have a vacancy for a talented web designer. Experience is more highly prized than formal qualifications.

You will need at least two years’ experience of designing websites, which is trackable.

To apply, we would like to see some examples of your previous work and see what websites or publications you have worked on before.

As well as one senior designer, we also have an opening for an apprentice or junior designer.

For this role, we do not expect extensive experience, although some background knowledge is helpful.

For both roles, please apply to Alison Devizes and remember to enclose your CV.


As part of our endeavour to turn more of our site into video content, we have vacancies for experienced video production crew.

If you can shoot, direct and edit video, then we would like to hear from you. If you can script it, as well as handle all the technical details, then this is even better.

We will be radically improving and increasing the amount of video on our site in 2018, so experienced professionals are invited to apply.

Please send a CV and covering letter to Ravi Singh, using the contact us link HERE.

The latter two positions are full time and are paid at least the minimum wage.